Global Webinar for the Japanese Market 2: MC&A

Global Webinar for the Japanese Market 2: MC&A

With COVID-19 drastically changing the event industry, our team at JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) decided to set up a global webinar series for our Japanese clients. In this webinar series, event experts from different companies and various countries share updates from outside Japan. They give insights on current developments of the worldwide event industry and the actions that were taken in these changing times. Next to inform, it also served to inspire the viewers.

After the success of our first global seminar with worldwide event company GL events in November 2020, we joined forces with our American partner company MC&A. For the webinar held on January 28th 2021, we were joined by MC&A’s President and CEO, discussing the actions taken on the mainland of the United States, and the Executive Vice President and General Manager of MC&A Hawaii, discussing the situation on the Hawaiian Islands. They looked at how COVID-19 changed the business landscape, how events were set up, and how contact with clients was kept strong during these challenging times.

Joining in live from Florida and Hawaii respectively, they talked about their company’s experience with various events, including the transition from in-person events to virtual and hybrid events. The webinar also looked at the holding of a live event implementing the correct safety measures on the island of Maui, and one held in New Orleans. Further discussed were the digital actions taken for their client base, like a newsletter and a variety of digital activities. After the presentation, a Q&A session was held to answer some of the incoming questions from the audience to finish up the webinar.

Technical expertise for a smooth experience
This webinar was held in English with simultaneous Japanese translation for those who wished to view the webinar in Japanese. A technical crew was present in our studio, making sure that the webinar progressed without any problems. As our team is well experienced in live events, this expertise shows in our hybrid and online events as well, using top-notch technology to provide smooth attendee viewing.

Successful webinars with JCD
The webinar proved a success and by working with MC&A, JCD was able to provide a valuable opportunity for businesses in Japan by giving updates of the latest circumstances on the events industry in the mainland of the United States and the Hawaiian Islands.

With our professional event management team at JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design, we can support your event every step of the way, creating a memorable experience for your attendees, be it online or in person.

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