Why JTB Communication Design

JTB Communication Design is a meetings & events company. At the same time it is a total-solution communication company that offers everything from trade show management to promotion and original entertainment.

Providing a range of services seldom seen in Japan, we will prove invaluable to your company in its marketing activities and promotion at international conferences.

Four Professional Businesses
  • Meetings andConventionsMeetings and Conventions
  • Meetings andConventionsPromotion
  • Meetings andConventionsTrade Shows
  • Meetings andConventionsEntertainment

Meetings & Conventions

Our Meeting and Convention Business unit offers one-stop services, specialized and designed around corporate events, “Motivation Events®,” international congresses, domestic academic conferences and annual meetings.

Corporate Events, Meetings, Seminars and Conventions

We are always ready to solve challenging issues together with our customers, offering multi-faceted solutions for a wide range of businesses—we handle everything from planning, execution and verification to post-event follow-up support.

Main areas of expertise
  • ・ Corporate seminars and events
  • ・ Incentive events and shareholders’ meetings
  • ・ Exhibition support
  • ・ Press conferences
  • ・ Meeting and ceremony management
  • ・ Conference organizing (G-MAC conferences)
Motivation Events®

We develop a variety of methods for increasing motivation together with our in-house Work Motivation Research Institute. We use these methods to help improve our clients’ corporate performance, enhancing inner communication and branding throughout a wide range of corporations and organizations.

* Motivation Event® is the registered trademark for JTB Communication Design, Inc.

Main areas of expertise
  • ・ Award Ceremonies
  • ・ Anniversary events
  • ・ Kick-off events
  • ・ Athletic meetings and sports festivals
  • ・ In-house corporate communication events
  • ・ Events for foreigners (inbound travelers)
  • ・ Private overseas events
International Congresses,
Domestic Academic Conferences, and Annual Meetings

We provide full support—from the invitation and planning stages through to event management—for organizers of top-level and ministerial meetings as well as international and domestic conferences for businesses and academic organizations.

Main areas of expertise
  • ・ Academic conferences
  • ・ Governmental meetings
  • ・ Annual meetings of organizations and groups
  • ・ Symposiums and workshops


Our promotion business unit specializes in advertising, including marketing strategy planning, media planning, creative, digital marketing and public relations.

Advertisement Promotions

We will utilize digital marketing to increase brand recognition, sales promotion and more.

Main areas of expertise
  • ・ Advertisement
  • ・ Event Promotion
  • ・ Digital Promotion
  • ・ Public Relations
  • ・ In-store Promotion
Marketing Solutions

Establish a "customer loyalty management" method that visualizes bonds with customers, makes their relationships better, and ensures a connection with businesses. We are developing consistent, long-term support from the consultation of various companies and industries implementing it.

Main areas of expertise
  • ・ Customer loyalty survey and analysis
  • ・ Brand consulting
  • ・ Planning and managing the strength of customer relationships
Overseas Operations

The two-way PR of Japanese companies to overseas municipalities and overseas companies to Japan municipalities are both supported.

Tourism / Regional Promotion Solutions

We will comprehensively produce active local events by attracting tourists.

Trade Show

We provide a place for business interaction that will lead to the success of participants. As a business matching professional, we host and co-host exhibitions and trade fairs globally and make improvements day by day.

Hosting and Co-Hosting Exhibitions

We organize exhibitions for a variety of purposes, from cutting-edge technology to the development of a range of industries, with the understanding of current trends and issues in each industry we work with.

Major industry achievements
  • ・ Nanotechnology
  • ・ Life science
  • ・ Material science
  • ・ Printing technology
  • ・ Infrastructure
  • ・ Photonics
  • ・ Embedded technology
  • ・ Apparel and fashion


We handle the training and management of entertainment personalities and voice actors as well as other related businesses in the world of entertainment.


”Mangekyo,” a drumming stage show performed in Tokyo and sponsored by JTB Communication Design and Nippon Television Network Corporation.

Main area of expertise
  • ・ Academy business (voice acting school management)
  • ・ Production business
  • ・ Event business

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