Hybrid Event: Multi-Venue Award Ceremony for Beauty Company

Hybrid Event: Multi-Venue Award Ceremony for Beauty Company

Event kind: Hybrid Event - Award Ceremony
Attendees: 2600 attendees: 500 online, 2100 live attendees.
Location: Online, 1 stage theater venue, and over 15 attendee venues
Date: 2 Days in September 2020

Meeting the client's request and vision
JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) worked closely together with the client, a large Japanese beauty company, to produce and manage their yearly award ceremony in the hybrid format. The two-day event, complete with award ceremony, contests, and musical performances, introduced the challenge of bringing together its attendees both online and in person at multiple venues.

Hybrid Event: Multi-Venue Award Ceremony for Beauty Company

Handling onsite attendance with COVID-19 measures
Once it was decided to deliver the event in the hybrid format, after the Japanese government forbade carrying out large scale events only a month before the set event date, our professional event planners looked into the possibilities of how to make it work.

Many of the attendees wanted to join in person, which led to JCD dividing all the attendees over a total of 15 venues, and then having to coordinate how to bring the correct person on screen at the right time during the ceremony. The ceremony itself was broadcasted live to all the 15 venues, and online participants from a 16th venue, the stage of the Maihama Amphitheater.

Next to implementing the important measures of social distancing, making sure all attendees wore a mask inside the venue, and making disinfectant available at all entrances, the decision for using 15 venues was made after calculating how many people could be in the same venue, when only allowing under 50% of the venue’s maximum capacity. With this calculation of 2100 attendees joining the event in person, 15 venues were hired nationwide to meet the requirements, and carrying out the face-to-face portion of the event amidst the established rules.

Hybrid Event: Multi-Venue Award Ceremony for Beauty Company

Managing Online attendance by utilizing the best equipment
An important factor during this hybrid event was that every attendee, wherever they may decide to join from, would be in contact with each other as well as with the main stage, where the ceremony took place.

By successfully connecting the venues and participants through live feeds, our event planners were able to connect everyone smoothly and make the event a success. When it comes to hybrid events, connectivity is key, as you want both your online participants as well as your venue attendees to feel part of the same whole. Our planners work closely with the client to figure out how to convey the desired message to their attendees in a smooth fashion, and succeed in making everyone feel connected.

During the award ceremony, the winner was named on the main stage, where they would then take the stage at the venue where they were present. The winner could then say a few words of thanks and receive the award at their location, in person. If the person was joining online, their connection would also be broadcast on a large screen present in every venue. Smooth operation from our onsite and online operators brought this complicated back-and-forth setup to a successful hybrid experience for all attendees, wherever they were attending from.

Hybrid Event: Multi-Venue Award Ceremony for Beauty Company

Recording and broadcast
In order to abide by the national measures set against COVID-19, the main beauty contest and live performances were filmed without an audience on the second day, the 12th of September. After that, it was professionally edited, and released for on-demand viewing on a special website for its intended audience. These completed videos, including a show of entertainers, the contest itself, and interviews with the contestants, were released on an online platform on October 3rd.

Our professionals at JCD offer you a one-stop service, and we can support your event through all stages, including postproduction actions that need to be taken. Our client ended up using the videos for their own promotion, giving the event extra value in being able to put it to use long after the event had taken place.

Why JTB Meetings & Events (JCD)?
Setting up a hybrid event in Japan brings many challenges, from language to local customs and setup. Our event planners have worked on many international events and can support your hybrid event to make a stunning impact on your attendees and leave an everlasting memory.

Contact us now and let’s get started on your hybrid event!

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