Global Creativity

Our creative designs meet our customers’ needs for any kind of event.
As a global meetings and events company, we at JTB Communication Design deliver you a one-stop service: from pre-event all the way to post-event dealings.
When it comes to the pre-event stage, designing an event brings many complicated factors into play.
Our team of professionals has worked on a large variety of both domestic and global projects,
always making it our mission to deliver the best kind of experience for you and your attendees.

If desired, we design the look of your local or global event to make your venue as unique as possible.
The look and feel of an event is essential, and we take pride in creating an atmosphere that will leave your attendees breathless.
When designing your event, we take in account your branding guidelines so that the event reflects your company the way you request it.

Before & After

Below are some examples of designs and decorations we offered for various events in Japan.
On the left are pictures of the pre-event stage, featuring digital designs
we offered our client to grasp the look and atmosphere before the event taking place,
and the actual locations before we finished decorating them. Next to it is a picture of the actualized event.

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