Global Webinar for the Japanese Market 1: GL events

Global Webinar for the Japanese Market 1: GL events

With COVID-19 drastically changing the world, and with it the event industry, our team at JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) decided to set up a global webinar series for our Japanese clients. In this webinar series, event experts from different companies and various countries share updates from outside Japan. They give insights on current developments of the worldwide event industry and the actions that were taken in these changing times. Next to inform, it also served to inspire the viewers.

The first global seminar with worldwide event company GL events was held in November 2020. GL events’ Director of Sales and Business Development, joining in live from New York, held an insightful presentation on the current state of the event industry in the United States of America. The webinar took place at 9:30 AM Japanese time, making it 19:30 PM in New York. She also talked about their company’s experience with various events, and how challenges were faced and met, including the transition from in-person events to virtual and hybrid events. After the presentation, a Q&A session was held to answer some of the incoming questions from the audience to finish up the webinar.

Technical setup
For the technical side of the one-hour webinar, we teamed up with our long-time technical partner, a company that has supported our various events over the years. We made sure that the connection between speaker and moderator was stable, transitions were smooth, and the sound was of top-notch quality. Having worked on many conferences, award ceremonies, and other live and online events over the years, this webinar was also conducted without any technical difficulties.

Global Webinar for the Japanese Market 1: GL events

Live simultaneous translation
Since the event was aimed at a Japanese audience, we implemented a simultaneous translation function for anyone who wanted to use this. The viewer could select if they wanted to watch the webinar in the original language used by the host and speaker, English, or listen to the Japanese translation. JCD hired professional interpreters that provided the Japanese live translation. As with many previous conferences and events we managed, our team is in contact with a network of qualified interpreters, ready to jump in at any type of event.

A successful webinar
The webinar proved a success and brought a valuable experience to not only the audience but also to the JCD staff and the GL events team. By working with GL events, JCD was able to provide a valuable opportunity for businesses in Japan by giving updates of the latest circumstances on the worldwide events industry. At the same time, it was a good opportunity for GL events to promote their company towards the Japanese market. It was a smooth and fruitful collaboration for both sides that provided a positive outlook on the future of the event industry.

With our professional event management team at JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design, we can support your event every step of the way, creating a memorable experience for your attendees, be it online or in person.

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