Sports Event with 3000 participants

Sports Event with 3000 participants

A company specialized in information services celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2018. To commemorate this occasion, all employees came together for a huge sports event. JTB Communication Design (JCD) provided support in making this event a reality.

“To create a group event where everybody comes together and participates as a team; an event that forms the driving force for success and prosperity as the company heads towards the future.” This was the concept JCD received from its client, serving as the event`s foundation.

Sports Event with 3000 participants

When it comes to sports, JCD designs events that foster a sense of unity among the employees through the spontaneous communication that is unique to sports. It motivates the participants and lets everybody move as one, gaining vitality for the future.

In line with the client's request that also people who don`t particularly like exercising can enjoy the event, not only athletic competitions but also cultural activities such as quizzes and contests were incorporated.

Sports Event with 3000 participants

As can be seen in the photos, the exhibition center became a stage for employees from the different group companies to unite and aim for the same goals. Friendships were born, emotions were shared, and fun memories were made.

One of the reasons for having this event was to make all the employees of the different group companies unit as one, and together head towards the company`s 100th anniversary and beyond.

Sports Event with 3000 participants

Comments from our JCD Staff

"From the outset, the client requested that they wanted to create an event that would involve all employees. We at JCD therefore engaged in encouraging the employees to participate, and implemented various measures to promote the event. As a result, nearly 90% of the employees participated, and we could support an event that generated a lot of excitement.
Having been an event manager for more than 10 years, I have supported many clients in creating events, but this was the first time that I have seen such excitement build up amongst the participating employees. This excitement proved contagious and we at JCD also became more and more excited as the day of the event approached. The main host, the participating employees and JCD; together we made a successful event."

Sports Event with 3000 participants

A sports event moves people, physically and emotionally. Let JCD help you move your employees!

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