60th Corporate Anniversary Event

60th Corporate Anniversary Event

Event Contents:
Presentations, Lottery, Networking time (including a radio station, company history exhibition and refreshments).

Location: Pacifico Yokohama

Date: 4 September and 6 September 2018

Participants: 6,000 employees

60th Corporate Anniversary Event

A Japanese company that handles a wide range of services related to the fashion industry reached its 60th anniversary in 2018. In commemoration of this major milestone an event was held for all its employees and JTB Communication Design (JCD) gave its support in creating this memorable event.

Looking back at the company`s 60-year history, it was the client`s wish to create an event that would share both the company`s history and vision for the future with its employees. They requested a theme that would entail the following at its core:

"Creating a shining future: heading towards a contributing company for society that lasts for over a 1000 years".

In order for the attending employees to grasp the company`s past, present and future, JCD took on total coordination and combined various factors such as stage direction and visuals to boost employees` moral and communicate the messages in an easy-to-understand manner.

60th Corporate Anniversary Event

Comments from our JCD Staff

"Over the period of 1 and a half years we regularly met with the client to discuss matters and prepare the event. As a preliminary measure, we examined how to motivate participants for the event and created a special website where we uploaded interviews, collected messages from all employees, and posted a variety of content. We created a detailed production plan and met with the client to find the best way to convey the company`s past and vision for the future to its employees in a smooth story-like flow.

During the part of the presentation that looks back on the history of the company, we utilized a huge screen to visually strengthen the keynote speeches about the company`s history. When conveying the company`s future vision we furthermore utilized state-of-the-art video and lighting technology and created visual imagery that would fill the employees with hope and excitement.

All the presenters gathered a week before the actual show to carry out a rehearsal where they could see and confirm what happens on the screen as well as experience the flow of the presentation. Also, for as many as 6,000 attendees to visit, a safe and secure management plan was of the essence. In preparation for this, we repeated various simulations, such as for the reception and guidance of the participants and created a detailed management plan."

60th Corporate Anniversary Event

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