Thanking Your Event Guests: How to do it Right

Saying ‘thank you for coming’ to your guests might seem like the simplest thing in the world, but the way you show your appreciation could make a lot of difference for your attendees. Leaving your guests with something to remember you makes them more likely to attend your next event and talk about the event to colleagues and friends, a great source of free advertising for you. Let's have a look at event etiquette.

Why thanking guests is important

Aside from just being polite, saying thank you to special guests can be very advantageous for your business. What’s more, it allows us to build strong business relationships with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. No matter what your business or event, showing your appreciation to those who are supporting you can help boost your marketing and motivate your employees. Here’s just a couple of ways JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) likes to thank attendees for attending that have proved successful and beneficial for us.

business relationship

Thank you emails for large events

If you are hosting a large event, saying thank you to each individual attendee as they leave might not be as easy as you think. While you might be able to catch a few people on the way out, the best way to make sure is by sending a thank you email. Mailing lists can be created before the event by asking attendees for their email when registering, or alternatively during the event by asking guests whether they would like to sign up for updates. This mailing list then gives you a target audience, one that has already shown interest in your business, to direct your advertising to.

What to include in your thank you email

A good thank you email is short and sweet. You want to express your sincere gratitude and write a little about how the event helped your business, and most importantly, make sure it’s personalized for each attendee using their name. Give your attendees the opportunity to provide their own feedback in case they want to tell you something they really enjoyed about the event, or have any suggestions for what could be done better next time. Finally, let them know when your next event will be and keep them informed on how your business is progressing every now and then to keep them interested.


At JCD, we can help you craft the perfect thank you message and keep your guests engaged long after your event. Next to an email, it is also possible to send out an actual letter. In a world that is turning more and more towards digital solutions, something tangible can make the difference. Incorporating Japanese culture, JCD has sent out thank you letters on traditional Japanese paper. Something like this is unexpected in today’s world and surprises attendees, giving that special kind of feeling that an email will not.

Thank you gifts for meetings and events

For a more personal touch, thank you gifts are well suited for corporate events or business meetings. With JCD’s help planning your meeting, you can think about including a small gift for special guests. This will help foster a stronger business relationship with clients and show your appreciation to colleagues in a way that they will remember. Thank you gifts can range from a small reminder of the event like a framed picture to a handy everyday object like a portable charger. You can even brand the gifts so that your clients will always be reminded of you when using the object.

event special gift
During the Tokyo Prime Night 2018, JCD prepared Japanese gifts for the attendees, stylishly wrapped in the traditional Japanese way. Guests received the gift when leaving the event, delighted by the surprise. When it comes to preparing these kinds of gifts, a lot is possible, and we can give you suggestions on what would be good for your event. But if you have any ideas or requests, we will give our very best to meet your wishes.

event special gift
It might seem like a simple touch but thank yous are a big part of event etiquette. A memorable thank you gift for special guests helps build a stronger working relationship and a simple thank you email is a great way to continue sharing information about your business. With our experience in event organization, we use these simple touches to help you get the most out of your event.

Contact us today and let's start planning your next event in Japan!

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