Japanese Marketing Strategies and Why They Are So Effective

With advanced techniques in international marketing, Japan has quickly grown to become one of the leading suppliers of a whole range of products. These include electronics, automobiles, and steel, all thanks to effective Japanese marketing strategies.

At JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD), our mission is to use these international marketing strategies that have made Japanese exports successful to ensure the same success for our clients in their business ventures. We aim to create your event by incorporating our unique style and quality. Events in Japan demand Japanese quality, which is what we deliver. Because of this, we were able to incur a 12 billion JPY turnover in 2018. Let’s look closely at what makes Japanese marketing strategies different and how we have used it to succeed in international marketing.

A big part of succeeding in international marketing is being able to communicate effectively with your potential clients or customers. At JCD, we have bilingual staff who can both communicate in English and integrate your culture with their marketing techniques to create a strategy that is unique to your business as well as effective. Here are a few pointers from Japanese marketing strategies to boost your international marketing reach.

1.Incorporate culture and be authentic

Japanese marketing strategies are built around staying true to your own culture. At JCD, we reflect Japanese culture in a number of our events, like Tokyo Prime Night. This event has been held two years running and is a promotional event for the city of Tokyo and its wonderful offerings for visitors.

We hosted our Tokyo Prime Night 2017 at the World Heritage Garden, and the international marketing interest we gained, as well as our love for the authentic setting, inspired us to create a beautiful illuminated display in a local park for the venue of the 2018 event the following year. Japanese gardens are popular amongst tourists and locals in Japan, thus, we took something authentically Japanese and used it as an international marketing technique. Japanese gardens have a long history in Japan and there are a range of popular types including Karesansui, Tsukiyama, Chaniwa.

This event also entailed talks and information about sightseeing in Japan and traditional black and white films with live music. Here, we incorporated Japanese culture into our theme of ‘old meets new,’ giving our guests the unique Japanese experience with modern and traditional details.

By embracing your own culture, you can enhance your marketing by attracting an international audience to your events in the same way. Getting a large, international audience to attend promotional events is the most effective way to market your product or business to possible clients from around the world. Take a look at our article on how you can incorporate cultural activities into your events for more ideas on what to include in a promotional event and boost your international marketing.

2. Keep up to date with the latest technology

Despite being a bit behind the Western world on social media, Japan is now making huge advancements when it comes to social media marketing. This ever-changing form of marketing has really taken off in the last few years and has quickly become an integral part of its marketing strategies. It’s the most efficient way to reach a larger audience, making it a powerful form of international marketing.

At JCD, we make use of our valued Facebook page to spread the word about our events. This useful tool allows us to post videos and pictures from our events and really give clients that integral insight into what we provide. For professionals, there is also LinkedIn which can be used to connect you to potentially vital business contacts. We use our LinkedIn page to share the information which is going to attract potential clients.

Think about setting up a page for your event or business to instantly advance your international marketing game. A key strategy is to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and take advantage of all the new forms of international marketing you can. For more information on social media marketing, take a look at our article on how social media marketing is changing.

3. Attention to detail, style, and etiquette

What has made Japanese marketing strategies so effective is the deep-rooted culture of etiquette and style which makes our events run smoothly, pays attention to every minute detail, and gives people that feeling of being taken care of in every respect, making them want to return. Good manners is a lesson that everyone can learn from Japan in terms of marketing. Always make your clients feel respected and comfortable. In Japanese culture, respect is shown with a bow or ojigi which simply shows that you are thankful to your clients for their business interaction. Make sure to read our White Paper on Business Culture in Japan, where we look at some small details that are great to know.

Etiquette is just one of the many details that we incorporate into our events and international marketing strategies. To show our gratitude to our corporate clients and create a special event for them, we hosted a gathering at a unique location. Special integration of Japanese culture and close attention to detail, this event exemplifies why Japanese marketing strategies are so effective.

For this special event, we managed to secure a famous Japanese temple as the venue. Every detail was key to making clients feel taken care of, and we combined the traditional and modern Japanese styles to create the highest quality of comfort as well as the most authentic experience. This included Awa dancers and Taiko drums for authentic Japanese entertainment. We also took the comfort of the guests into consideration by arranging 50 buses to arrive in case of sudden rain.

A deep-rooted sense of etiquette and good manners is a part of Japanese marketing strategies that keep our events successful and a joy for all who attend. Consider how you can make your event the best experience possible for your clients and think about their experience at all times, with every minute detail. With these international marketing strategies in mind, your event or business is sure to be a success!

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