The 16th JCB World Conference in Hawaii

The 16th JCB World Conference in Hawaii

Event kind: International Conference
Attendees: 500 (From about 150 companies, including partner companies, coming in from 27 countries and regions around the world, mainly financial institutions that issue JCB cards and member store operations).
Location: Ko Olina area, Hawaii
Date: 16 & 17 October 2019

JCB, the only international card brand from Japan, held the 16th JCB World Conference in the Ko Olina area of Hawaii. JTB Communication Design (JCD) was responsible for managing the welcome reception, plenary session, and farewell party. The “JCB World Conference” has been held every other year since 1988 in order to share JCB strategies with domestic and overseas partners and to promote further partnerships. JCD has had a long relationship with JCB and was responsible for managing earlier editions of the conference held in San Francisco, Bali and Taiwan.

For JCB, this 16th edition shared the future of payment/authentication and the tourism industry with about 150 companies from 27 countries and regions around the world and aimed at strengthening the partnerships with 500 attendees.
Far away from Japan in an exotic Hawaiian atmosphere, JCD partnered with JCB to proceed smoothly through the planned events during the two-day schedule and was able to provide valuable memories for the attendees.

Welcome Reception
The opening of the conference was held on the evening of October 16th, with all 500 participants arriving at the site and meeting for the first time. The opening was held in the lush outside courtyards of a hotel located in the Ko Olina area, away from the hustle and bustle of central Hawaii. On stage, following a greeting of the organizers and guests and luau shows were held to entertain the participants. At the same time, a photo session and a buffet featuring traditional Hawaiian cuisine were provided at the guests’ round tables.
In order to create an enjoyable and unforgettable evening in Hawaii and deepen mutual exchange, JCD took care of operating the entire venue and managed the local staff, while also making sure that everything on stage proceeded smoothly.

The 16th JCB World Conference in Hawaii

Plenary Session
The main meeting (Plenary Session) of the conference was held the next day on October 17th. Following the host 's greetings and keynote speech, there were over 10 programs from 10:00 to 15:00; including theme sessions, speeches, and panel discussions.

In preparation for the conference, we met with our client in Japan beforehand and held various meetings to plan out the budget and schedule all the management. In addition, we collaborated with local staff members to help with the video and audio and perform tests to make sure that the guests would be provided with the best high-quality service.
Also, full attention was given to the venue layout, staging, coffee break, and lunch; making sure that this main session would become a valuable memory for all who attended.

The 16th JCB World Conference in Hawaii

Farewell Party
After the plenary session, a Farewell Party was held in a relaxed Hawaiian atmosphere. In order to further network and strengthen business relationships for all attendees, featuring a buffet-style dinner which was prepared under the Hawaiian sky outside of the conference hall.

The 16th JCB World Conference in Hawaii

With the three events held during these two days, JCD provided detailed services to each participant, deeply understanding the client's management vision and business format. Making sure everything works from both a small-scale as a large-scale perspective, it increases the experience value of everyone involved, and results will exceed expectations. Providing the finest of hospitality, we always aim at remaining deep in the participants’ memory.

Comments by the JCD staff
Q: What kind of work did you handle at the 16th JCB World Conference?
A: I oversaw the production of the plenary session. Of the three events held, we prepared for the main conference without any setbacks.

Q: What was the most difficult part of this project?
A: It was a challenge to meet the customer's detailed request within the budget and limited time-span.

Q: What was most appreciate about JCD’s management of the project?
A: The event was highly evaluated by our client for a trouble-free flow on the day of the event.

Q: In your opinion, different from other companies, what are the most valuable things JCD can offer?
A: We are able, through our many years of experience, to offer the best solutions available to reach the client’s goals for their events.

What JCD can do for you
JCD prepares for events with first getting a deep understanding of your business and vision. Even if the event is held overseas, we work together with our partners in the JTB Group which has over 400 offices worldwide. When providing an event plan, we always think about what kind of service and hospitality will create joy and excitement for our clients and their participants.

For more information or any requests, feel free to contact us here.

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