Promotional Seminar:
Silent sessions

Promotional Seminar: <br>Silent sessions

In November 2019, JTB Communication Design (JCD) managed the first Japanese launch seminar for Cvent, introducing the many functions and utilization of its products. With over 400 attendees coming in to see what the partnership between JCD and Cvent can offer their business, JCD decided to utilize silent sessions for the seminar.

Silent Sessions: a smart solution for the future
The power of silent sessions is that they are ideal when you only have a limited space to work with but want to hold different presentations at the same time. During a silent session, the attendees wear a headset, hearing what the speaker in front of them is saying, but are shut off from the sound of the other presentations held at that time in a nearby space or even on the same stage.

At a large conference, event, or exhibition, silent sessions offer the possibility of each having their own platform to hold a presentation without bothering other sessions taking place in the same area. Our team at JCD can support your event with silent sessions, preparing the venue, the audio-visual equipment, and onsite staff, and also making sure that time is kept and the flow of the different sessions taking place goes without any problems.

Since 2020 is expected to be a very busy year for the Japanese event industry, a shortage in large venues might bring its challenges. However, with implementing silent sessions new possibilities and utilization of space and time can be one of the needed solutions as it brings a great utilization of space.

At our event in November, three sessions took place simultaneously on the same stage next to one another. It brought the challenge of making sure that every presentation was timed correctly and that guests were able to receive the audio of the sessions they registered to. Participants didn’t have to move from room to room to attend their sessions as they only needed to switch the audio, making it a very convenient experience.

Promotional Seminar: <br>Silent sessions

To make the seminar more interactive, a live-polling feature was also utilized during the sessions. This feature is a part of an onsite phone application that also includes a feedback function, a map of the venue, and information about the various speakers. This all-in-one app provided a paperless and compact solution for the attendees.

Promotional Seminar: <br>Silent sessions

The utilization of silent sessions during our Cvent seminar was a huge success and we received positive feedback from the attendees. As one attendee noted: “The silent sessions were great. By just switching the audio channel you could move to a different session, making great use of the time available.”

Have a look at the video below for an overview of the event:

JCD’s professional solutions
Silent sessions are only one of the many options we can implement for your events. As event professionals, we are always looking for new ways and challenges to provide the best possible service for our clients.

From decoration to onsite technology, and entertainment to staff management; you can leave it to our experienced team to take care of it for you. Instead of having to deal with many different companies to get your event together, our one-stop service can provide everything you need.

Are you interested in having silent sessions during your next event in Japan? Don’t hesitate and contact us, here, and let’s get started!

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