Promotion Event Tokyo: God Valley Week

Promotion Event Tokyo: God Valley Week

Event Objectives and Facts

Helping Tokyo`s Kamiyacho area to get further recognized, while also embodying the concept of Kamiyacho`s “God Valley” Vision.
This vision stands for promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Open Innovation, Wellness, and Smart Technology.

Date & Time
December 13 - 15, 2018

Shiroyama Garden

Targeted companies from the Kamiyacho area, students, families and the general public.

Kamiyacho Council organized for the "God Valley" event (chairman: Mori Trust, Co., Ltd.).

Promotion Event Tokyo: God Valley Week

As main goal for this event, the organizers from Mori Trust wanted to bring more recognition towards the Kamiyacho area, and requested JTB Communication Design (JCD)`s event managers to help organize the following activities at the event:

1. Motivational activities for employees
By actively engaging in PR activities for their products and services, employees would gain a sense of satisfaction in their job and increase their motivation.

2. Collecting and exchanging information among corporate entities
The event would help the participants to increase communication with one another and enable knowledge exchange, an opportunity they would not have much elsewhere.

3. Utilizing the event for CSR, promotion, and test trials
By advertising the event for media and clients, the participants could make use of this opportunity to promote their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sports activities, as well as use the event for test trials.

Promotion Event Tokyo: God Valley Week

The following regional revitalization events, that involved local residents and companies, where organized for boosting Kamiyacho`s recognition:

An exhibition displaying Major League Baseball (MLB) athletes` items and featuring a VR try-out
Sponsored by MLB Japan

The VR simulation recreated a baseball field experience. It gave the realistic sensation of being in a stadium where attendees could try to hit a home-run.

Promotion Event Tokyo: God Valley Week

Programming workshop for children
Sponsored by Bascule

A variety of goods from MLB were displayed here as well.

Promotion Event Tokyo: God Valley Week

Running event and lottery session for sample items
Sponsored by Logicool

A running event for getting pretty Instagram snapshots, the activity featured a run around photo-spots at Tokyo Tower.

Promotion Event Tokyo: God Valley Week

A talk-session about the uniqueness of Kamiyacho
Sponsored by Tokyo Metro

This program was presented in collaboration with the owner of Tokyo Tower, Nippon Television City Corporation, and Mori Trust, a supporter of post-war recovery by developing buildings for various corporations in both the areas of Kamiyacho and Toranomon.

Promotion Event Tokyo: God Valley Week

A stage show by the brass band and dance clubs from Onarimon Junior High School.

The students from Onarimon Junior High School proudly presented a performance. Their powerful music and lively dance routines enriched the event even more.

Next to the above programs, other appealing content was showcased as well to entertain the participants, putting a smile on their faces.

Promotion Event Tokyo: God Valley Week

Comments from JCD Staff in Charge

What did JCD propose to the client?
"This kind of event was organized by the Kamiyacho area for the first time. To make proceedings go smoothly, we advised and consulted on the planning, scheduling and venue specifications. We also took care of media invitations and other necessities.

What was the key to success at this event?
"We only had 2 months from prep to the event date. We did thorough interviews and precise project management, as well as quick coordination with the council members. We handled each phase in a concrete and swift matter."

We learned that JCD will also take care of the second edition of the festival coming in 2019. What do you think is the key decision for the client to team up with JCD again?
"It was the cognitive enhancement and successful branding of the "Kamiyacho God Valley Vision" that the event can expand further in its coming edition."

Could you tell us about your motivation for next year`s event?
"This 2018 edition of the event was arranged from inside the organizers’ offices. In order to revitalize the area, we want to expand the event by involving more facilities and public entities, making a “this area = this event” connection in people`s minds."

"In order to create events that are closely connected to regional revitalization, we listen to our clients` wishes and opinions. Their smiles are our number one priority!"

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