Our Global Liaison Service in Action: Hybrid International Event

Our Global Liaison Service in Action: Hybrid International Event

Here at JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) we have a wealth of experience in organizing international conferences and forums where overseas VIPs are invited to speak. While in the past these would usually take place in person, that has become difficult in recent years for obvious reasons, and might remain that way. Many events have moved to online or hybrid models, and to make the very best of these types of international events, we have been providing a special kind of Global Liaison Service. To briefly sum up the Global Liaison Service, imagine having an event physically taking place in Japan but one or more international VIP speakers are based outside of Japan and cannot attend. What we can provide is excellent liaison staff that handle complete arrangements from the preparation stage to the live online appearance on the day of the event. Allow us to introduce this service by looking at a recent large-scale hybrid international forum hosted by an independent non-profit think tank.

Our Global Liaison Service in Action: Hybrid International Event

Global Liaison Service for Overseas VIPs

The overseas VIP speakers for this event were at the level of state dignitaries, and were situated in three different Asian countries. Each of the VIPs were scheduled to be speaking virtually from their home countries. Therefore, in cooperation with some of the many overseas branches of JTB, we partnered with trusted local companies experienced in online event delivery, that share the same level of knowledge and technology as in Japan. To smooth out the process liaison specialists from various parts of the world were also involved and they all worked as a single team. The staff we utilize is required not only to have advanced language skills but also to have good manners and hospitality skills, but also schedule and process management skills. The VIP speakers are very busy with their regular duties, making it difficult for them to devote much time to rehearsals. To that end, the scheduling and location are adjusted to their convenience, possibly even setting up in their own offices.

Coordinating with International Staff

Our Japanese office had to stay in touch constantly through our overseas liaison and the local MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition/Event) director, not only for schedule adjustments, but also for technical checks and adjustments. From the internet environment at the site, to the camera equipment and set dressing, it all needed to be meticulously coordinated. Communication is key here, and the liaisons are essential to smoothly share information that tends to be left out when it is only the video directors are working together for instance. Details such as how soon the speakers will arrive at the studio, whether they will be ready as soon as they arrive, and double-checking how the screen looks and what the best exact positioning is.

Our Global Liaison Service in Action: Hybrid International Event

Quality Event Organization & Flexibility

In the case of this particular event, speakers were originally planning to attend in Japan in person. Merely a month before the event it was decided that we needed to change to a hybrid format due to COVID-19 measures. Arranging our liaisons and providing quality service and hospitality on such short notice is not always easy depending on the location, but thanks to our extensive JTB network, we made it work within a month. On top of that, owing to our extensive experience with online events, we could provide a high-quality smooth hybrid experience. Using green-screens and 2DCG imaging we created top-notch virtual stage presences for these overseas VIPs to join the event physically taking place in Japan. The demands were high for this international forum but JCD managed to provide services exceeding the expectations of the organizers and participants.

Making Use of Our Services

Are you interested in having an international event, based in Japan but involving overseas speakers and attendees? JCD can offer Global Liaison services in many locations throughout the world. Do not hesitate to reach out and CONTACT US HERE, to find out what might be possible, and let us help you create a successful and impactful hybrid event!

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