Tradeshow with Hybrid Business Partnering: BioJapan 2021

Tradeshow with Hybrid Business Partnering: BioJapan 2021

Event type: Tradeshow, Hybrid (Online meetings, online seminars, and online global life-science clusters fair.)
Attendees: 450 online, 14,891 live attendees.
No. of business meetings: 11,246
Location: PACIFICO Yokohama Exhibition Hall BCD, Annex, North. Online.
Date: October 13-15th 2021

BioJapan is the world’s oldest annual biotechnology exhibition, with its first edition held in 1986. Now, the event includes two other exhibitions and two concurrent events: ‘Regenerative Medicine JAPAN’ (2016~), ‘healthTECH JAPAN’ (2020~), ‘ME-BYO Japan’(2017~ / organized by Kanagawa prefecture) and ‘Japan Healthcare Venture Summit’(2018~ / organized by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) . Every year it attracts over 10,000 professionals from all relevant industries around the world.

BioJapan’s Focus

BioJapan is one of Asia's largest partnering events where major pharmaceutical companies, startups, research institutes and universities from Japan and abroad gather to search for joint research and business partners for the life-science industry. The focus this year was on digitization, or ‘DX’ as it is often referred to in Japan. DX is advancing rapidly as pharmaceutical companies are actively using AI for drug discovery, and new tech implementations are emerging from mobile apps to wearable devices and robotics. It is an exciting time for the industry, and BioJapan offers exhibitors the opportunity to make countless new connections and foster growth for all attending businesses. On top of that, dozens of seminars are held, providing learning opportunities to stay up to date on the newest developments.

Tradeshow with Hybrid Business Partnering: BioJapan 2021

Efficient Business Partnering

BioJapan is the first partnering event in Japan to combine a traditional booth exhibition with "partnering" through the use of a unique patented business partnering system. By combining the so-called "matchmaking system" seen in the BtoC domain with the BtoB exhibition, it creates all-round communication opportunities for all participants. Since last year, the partnering system has been hybridized with the online system, making it easier to participate remotely both in Japan and overseas, as well as at the venue, PACIFICO Yokohama. In addition, this year's system has been modified to operate 24 hours a day for the first time in Japan, allowing participants from overseas to participate regardless of travel restrictions.

The partnering system allows all participants to understand each other's needs in advance, such as what their location is, what they do, what partners they are looking for, and whether they are licensed. Once a meeting request is made to the desired partner and the partner accepts, the system's algorithm will find a mutually available time and place and automatically set up the meeting. Participants can request meetings with many potential partners at the same time without worrying about overlapping dates, times and also meeting places, and this will dramatically increase the number of meetings that can be held.

Tradeshow with Hybrid Business Partnering: BioJapan 2021

Organizing a Tradeshow in the Wake of COVID-19

BioJapan was significantly larger than last year’s event. While many other exhibitions are reduced to 30% to 40% of their pre-pandemic scale, BioJapan 2021 has been able to maintain this larger scale because of its unique partnering system. With measures such as temperature checks, masks, and frequent disinfection in place, the event as a whole was carried out as safely and efficiently as possible. For more information about holding an event in the time of COVID-19, take a look at our white paper.

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