Incentive Awards Event in Singapore

Incentive Awards Event in Singapore

A company took employees on an incentive trip to Singapore which included an internal award ceremony and celebration party for 300 people.
JTB Communication Design (JCD) took on the task of creating a memorable event for its clients, their employees and families.

Incentive Awards Event in Singapore

The party implemented various forms of entertainment at the client`s request. To include a touch of Japanese culture, a taiko drum performance swept up the attendees with the rhythm of Japanese traditional music. Bringing in a local feel, Singaporean artists also performed with joyful traditional tunes. To complete the experience, a celebrity singer took the stage and sang a variety of songs from her impressive repertoire. The beautiful Miss Singapore delighted attendees by presenting the evening`s awards to the recipients.

Also included in the show was a sand art performance, picturing the history of Singapore and the company as the client wanted to include a connection to Singapore and the realization of the incentive there.

As it was a family incentive trip, many children were also present at the event and a space with workshops and activities was organized to entertain them. During the live performances in the ceremonial hall, the children joined their parents and family members to enjoy the festivities.

Incentive Awards Event in Singapore

For a commemorative photo opportunity, a banner was set up and attendees took many pictures together.

What JTB Communication Design can do for you

To keep your employees motivated and enthusiastic about their work, an event or incentive together is a fantastic way to bring your team members closer and make them feel a sense of belonging. JTB Communication Design can be the definitive link for you to establish an everlasting bond with your employees. Let us be your best partner for your meetings, events, incentives and more. Together we can make dazzling events that will make your company stronger and more connected than ever before!

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We have developed a variety of methods for increasing motivation together with our in-house Work Motivation Research Institute.
We use these methods to help improve our clients’ corporate performance, enhancing inner communication and branding throughout a wide range of corporations and organizations.
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