Award Ceremony:
2018 TPM Awards

Award Ceremony:<br>2018 TPM Awards

Event kind: International award ceremony and party
Attendees: 300 guests from over 20 countries
Where: Event Hall, Kyoto International Conference Center
When: 21 March 2019

Meeting the client's request and vision

Every early spring the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) organizes the TPM Awards, awarding and celebrating their partner companies for outstanding performances and contributions.
JTB Communication Design (JCD) has had the pleasure of managing this event for over 10 years. For this 2019 edition, JCD again took on the overall management and onsite operation of this international award ceremony.

Our client`s vision was an event that creates inspiration to worldwide partners and their staff to keep striving for improvement and success. They wanted to achieve this not just for the attendees, but also for the many factory plant workers around the world who couldn`t attend the event, requiring extra measures to be taken.

The client wanted the event to be international but would also feature the implementation of Japanese culture. JCD took on the challenge to realize this vision and to make this edition exceed the success of the previous ceremonies.

Award Ceremony:<br>2018 TPM Awards

Location and implementation of local charm

The event took place at a venue famous for its unique architecture and natural surroundings. Located in the northern part of Kyoto, a city known for being the cultural and historical center of Japan, JCD made it its mission to make attendees feel the atmosphere of the Japanese culture during this annual event in onsite details as well as the entertainment selection for the dinner party.

Award Ceremony:<br>2018 TPM Awards

An example of a detail that was included on the attendees` tables was the ceremonial symbol in traditionally woven fabric. Also, the paper used for the program booklet was made with the same pattern integrated into it. This traditional style is characteristic to Kyoto and Japan, adding that extra touch that we at JCD find essential to include in events.

Award Ceremony:<br>2018 TPM Awards

Japanese hospitality and quality service

As the attendees, coming in from over 20 countries, arrived, the onsite staff was there to welcome them to the venue. Our bilingual staff guided the guests to the ceremonial hall and helped them with any queries they might have. Japanese service is renowned worldwide and JCD takes pride in offering top-quality hospitality at our events. During this award ceremony, we made sure that all attendees were satisfied and well taken care of.

Award Ceremony:<br>2018 TPM Awards

Quality Craftsmanship

JCD can create logos, decorations and stands according to your company regulations and branding, and we created a high-quality logo stand for the attendees to commemorate their visit. Many pictures were taken by the enthusiastic participants as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

The ceremonial hall was prepped with over 40 tables to accommodate the 300 guests for a program that consisted of the main award ceremony, several keynote speeches, and a gala dinner party with entertainment to close off a period of success for all attending companies.

Award Ceremony:<br>2018 TPM Awards

Technical excellence and expertise

The event was live-streamed to reach the many people who couldn`t be at the ceremony, requiring additional equipment, cameras, and live editing. As the client`s main vision was to inspire, our onsite professionals worked on perfecting the flow of the event, so that all would be well captured for the global audience viewing the live-stream. Our onsite operators directed the cameras filming the event, as well as the lighting and onstage flow, making sure that everything happened without any delays. Interpreters were present to translate where necessary as the event preceded from the ceremony to the keynote speeches given by various professionals from all over the world.

For more information on how JCD prepares for the many technical aspects of an event, see our bulletin (click here) for a behind the scenes look of this event!

Award Ceremony:<br>2018 TPM Awards

Top notch entertainment

For the ending gala dinner and entertainment, the client`s request was met with inserting pure Japanese style and grace, as the attendees were served delicious Japanese delicacies and visited by Japanese maiko, better known internationally as apprentice geisha. They came in from Gion, a neighbourhood in Kyoto famous for its long history of the geisha tradition. The maiko mingled with the guests, took pictures with them and performed traditional dances on stage, ending the event with something that can only be experienced in Kyoto.

Award Ceremony:<br>2018 TPM Awards

Comment from JCD Staff in charge

Haruna Enomoto was one of the JCD members in charge of this project (see her staff page here).

What were you in charge of during this event?

・ Managing the logistics office
・ Making sure every award-winning company was registered and were offered the services provided. For example, the optional programs (One day tour, TPM Seminar), accommodation support if needed.
・ Managing the reception desk.
・ Making sure every company that was to receive an award came to the venue before the award ceremony started.
・ Cooperating with the staff inside the Event Hall with actions to for example prepare handouts and bags if there were more people than expected on the day. I also arranged the seating so everyone from the same company could have a seat at the same table.

What were some challenges you faced?

"To make sure that every part of this ceremony had consistency in design. For example, the stage decoration with table setting and signage design. Also the original handbags, program leaflet, and more.
The current TPM Award Ceremony logo was created in 2017 and we have continued to use this logo in most of the designs ever since. Because it is the second time to use this logo as the key motif, it was a challenge to make it different and original compared to last year`s. We made some changes in the color and the layout to create a different feel.

In the weeks towards the event, the registered number of attendees was much lower than our original set goal. Our logistics office sent out promotional emails to potential participants to get more attendees. These promotion emails included new information that was not mentioned on the web pages of the event.

There were some challenges to overcome, but in the end, I think we were able to manage a successful edition of this yearly award ceremony!"

Award Ceremony:<br>2018 TPM Awards

What can JCD do for your event?

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