Prime event in the heart of Tokyo: how JCD managed the night of nights

Tokyo Prime Night: from the onset of creating a name for this event, the inclusion of the word “prime” set the tone for us. It is the word that gave us the inspiration to need to know what this event would be all about.

Beginnings: A night to remember, Tokyo Prime Night 2017
A “prime night” is supposed to be the night of nights, the one night that people will remember. With that in mind, JTB Communication Design (JCD) set out on its mission in 2016 to create Tokyo’s first prime night for October 2017.

tokyo prime night
A prime night is a night that needs impact, a night that needs to represent Tokyo in every detail. Tokyo is known around the world as one of the most advanced cities on the face of the planet. With its clean environment and sophisticated infrastructure, millions of people walk its streets daily, getting a sneak peak of the future.
But there is more to the city than this advanced landscape as the Japanese honor the history of this metropolis previously known as Edo until 1868. Right next to the tall modern buildings and hidden within the concrete jungle are many traces to be found from Tokyo’s past. From shrines to ancient temples, statues to lush traditional gardens; Tokyo breathes culture and has something that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our staff at JCD wanted to capture this something, this feeling that many visitors feel every time they set foot on the capital’s soil. Tokyo Prime Night needed to bring Tokyo’s history and culture to live for its attendees and it was clear from the start that a stunning venue would be essential.

tokyo prime night
For the first prime night, that unique location became the Hama-Rikyu Gardens, a beautiful and popular Japanese garden with a rich history and a popular spot for tourists.
The garden is a testament to Tokyo’s history and displays the delicate passion the Japanese have for nature and the enjoyment of its beauty. Located right next to a busy office district, the garden is surprisingly quiet within, secluded from the daily hustle and bustle of the office-world towering close-by.
The garden was transformed into a sight of illuminated beauty with lighting displays, guiding the guests through the paths to the main stage, where traditional Japanese performances added to the atmosphere. With colorful illuminated tables and seats for networking, JCD inserted a delicate touch of the present, making the first Tokyo Prime Night proudly represent not only the city it took place but also the way Japanese culture is seen today.

The next level: Tokyo Prime Night 2018
After the success of that colorful night in 2017, planning the second prime night for the following year brought forth its challenges. How to recreate the feeling and atmosphere while also bringing something completely new? A new location also needed to be found, representing the year’s theme: old meets new.

tokyo prime night
The choice fell on the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. This elegant building is in the famous Ueno Park, a hub of a few of the most famous and popular museums in Japan. As the location was set, JCD started negotiating with the local government to see if it would be possible to utilize space outside of the museum grounds as well in order to create a stunning entrance.
After negotiating with the local government and park officials, JCD could set up an illumination display in front of the museum gates, inviting the guests in. As this year’s prime night took place in December, the warm illumination colors were the perfect way to bring in the attendees from the freezing cold.

Celebrating Tokyo’s 150th anniversary, the theme of old meets new brought the inspiration to combine history with the present and insert elements into the event to create that unique feeling it required.
Old films were screened in the theater room with a live orchestra, taking attendees back in time to the old days of the city, contrasting it with the elegance of the modern venue.
Other performances were also scheduled, including a music performance during a banquette dinner.

tokyo event night
The power of a Unique Venue
Both prime nights were successful in conveying the beauty of Japanese history and culture and in utilizing its surrounding by bringing an atmosphere that can’t be experienced anywhere else. A unique venue is a location that brings extra life to your event and brings in that extra factor that can’t be found at a normal hotel or exhibition center. Having your event in Japan gives the perfect chance to bring in the local culture and history that make the country as special as it is.

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