Land of Innovation: Japanese Inventions

We at JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) pride ourselves in creative event solutions, rooted in the Japanese innovative spirit. Japanese inventions have always seemed to have the edge in creativity, innovation, and global recognition. With huge technological leaps, it follows that Japanese inventions have taken full advantage of that. Japan has long been known as a leader in creating bold, brilliant, beautiful, and downright bizarre creations, many of which have proven to be infinitely useful.

Pocket calculator

Calculators have been around for a long time, but the first hand-held pocket calculator with a microchip was invented by Japanese company Busicom in 1970. It was called the Busicom LE-120A “Handy-LE.”

japanese inventions technology calculator


Rickshaw is a means of transport, powered without electricity by humans and generally carries one or two passengers. The word is an abbreviation of the Japanese term jinrikisha, a human-powered vehicle. Invented in 1860, it was at the time, a cheap and popular form of transportation, and many Asian countries still use it to this day.

Compact disc (CD)

The Japanese company Sony and the Dutch company Philips invented the compact disc (CD) in the late 1970s. The company discussed its development and decided to release a unique commercial 115mm disc to hold up to 74 minutes of music. Later, Sony continued its development by releasing DVDs.

japanese invention technology cd


An emoji is a unique visual sign that conveys meaning or feeling. The first cell phone to have emojis was the Japanese J-Phone in 1997. Emojis, as we know them today, is one of the numerous Japanese inventions. They were created for the mobile system ‘i-mode’ by Shigetaka Kurita and his team at NTT DoCoMo in 1999.

Commercial lithium-ion battery

Asahi Kasei has done significant work to commercialize the rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology, which fundamentally changed the mobile industry. With the help of Sony Corporation, they released the new technology to the consumer market in 1991.

Cans for the blind

Many Japanese inventions and innovative products cater towards people with disabilities, such as blindness. So, Japan’s inventions created something to ease the lives of the blind. Cans for the blind is a simple invention that involves the addition of braille lettering for visually impaired people who can open and use a drinks can with ease.

japanese invention technology can
To make people’s lives easier, Japanese inventors have come up with some of the most innovative creations and solutions. With thousands more like this, Japan is hailed as a country of great imagination, innovation, and technology-driven solutions.

The above innovations are just a few examples and many of the newest technologies and inventions can be found in shops and in daily life in Japan, making the country an even more fun and exciting place to visit once travel opens up again post-COVID-19. In this way Japan can inspire and bring ideas for your business, like inspiring your IT and tech force. Japan is a country of many innovative wonders, waiting for you to be discovered!

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