Five Travel Marketing Campaigns to Take Note of in 2019

Promotion is an important part of the work we do at JTB Communication Design (JCD). As one of Japan’s leading meetings and events companies, we’re always searching for creative ways to connect with the world. Recently, these five travel marketing campaigns caught our eye. From an eco-pledge to an Icelandic-Danish partnership and even the return of an important historical figure, these marketing campaigns show us what’s possible in 2019. We’re inspired; what do you think?

Palau makes an eco-pledge
In 2018, Palau became the first nation in the world to incorporate an eco-pledge(1) into their visa requirements. Any visitors to the Micronesian islands must sign this pledge before they are granted entry. This is a bold and necessary step toward preserving Palau’s ravaged ecology, but also a brilliant marketing campaign.

Overwhelming tourism has been majorly responsible for the impact on Palau’s fragile ecosystem. This clever campaign not only welcomes more visitors, but allows them to visit and enjoy Palau responsibly. Each and every tourist understands that once they sign on the dotted line, they must contribute to keeping Palau inhabitable for future generations.

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Tourism Ireland’s marketing campaign gets our hearts beating
JCD is a future-focused organization and as such, we work hard to keep up with the latest technologies. Organizing important exhibitions and trade shows in Japan like NanoTechExpo 2020 and BioJapan 2019, we have to know our AI from our GMO. That’s one of the reasons we were so enamored with Tourism Ireland’s Fill Your Heart(2) campaign.

Tourism Ireland used heart-rate monitors to create a travel marketing campaign that combined technology and emotion. The campaign centers around a couple on their travels visiting Ireland from Sweden, who wore custom-made heart monitoring technology throughout their trip. As the couple enjoyed their vacation, the monitors tracked their bodies’ reaction to different experiences and head-mounted cameras captured those experiences for us to enjoy. The moments that made their hearts beat fastest are what we see in the final advert. Tourism Ireland wanted people watching at home to feel like they were there in Ireland with the couple. In our opinion, they succeeded!

2 “Tourism Ireland unveils the world’s first tourism campaign created by the hearts of its visitors”

Icelandair and Copenhagen’s joint travel marketing
In 2017, data revealed that nine percent of US travelers(3) who visited Iceland also visited Copenhagen. Icelandair and the tourism board of Copenhagen recognized that by working together they could drive this number up even further. The two organizations pooled funds and creative talent in a marketing campaign centered on a stirring video showing the best of Icelandic and Danish culture side by side. Light on branding, the video successfully tells a story about why you should visit these sister destinations sooner rather than later.

At JCD we’re experienced in providing full event support for international and domestic conferences. Global businesses and academic organizations come to us for the range of services we offer that includes everything from event planning to marketing campaign strategy to execution. We also handle meetings, parties, trade shows, ceremonies, incentives, etc. All this to say we have a gift for collaboration and an eye for what our clients need to succeed, in the real world and online.

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The UK brings history to life with special event
This marketing campaign was essentially a one-day burst of online activity designed to get people into the Tower of London to see a play on the life of Anne Boleyn. A divisive figure in British History, Anne Boleyn famously lost her head at the command of her husband, King Henry VIII. The Tower of London campaign gave Anne control of their Twitter feed on which she documented her day’s jaunt around London. The hashtag #boleynisback got people and companies engaged online, including local organizations like the London Transport Authority.

Like the UK, Japan is proud of its fascinating history and encourages visitors to immerse themselves in their ancient culture. We recently conducted a survey that confirmed that exposure to new and different cultures is the main reason most people travel. 43% of the American travelers we surveyed said they would like to explore a historical place or town in Japan. That’s why JCD encourages you to step behind the marketing campaigns with one of our custom incentive trips that give your event attendees a taste of the real Japan.

Northern Ireland connects with pop culture
Global TV blockbuster(4) Game of Thrones has recently come to an end, although fans refuse to let it go. Like all beloved pop culture, Game of Thrones will live on in spin-offs, references, and endless merchandise. But more adventurous types who want to stay inside the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros might consider a trip to Northern Ireland. Ireland is home to The Dark Hedges, an avenue of trees that looks like a fairytale illustration and is the most photographed spot in Ireland.

Sadly the trees were battered by a storm in 2018 but Tourism Ireland used the destroyed trees to create an imaginative marketing campaign(5) people are still talking about. Craftspeople carved 10 wooden doors out of the fallen trees, each telling the story of one episode of Game of Thrones. The doors were fastened to the entryways of 10 Northern Ireland pubs, creating a TV tourist attraction and pub crawl in one!

Similarly, Japanese popular culture is a global phenomenon. More people across different parts of the globe are accessing our distinctive media culture than ever before. At JCD we incorporate popular culture into our promotional campaigns whenever we can. We even developed a content hub where we can access the best Japanese manga, anime and computer game content to develop the right promotional package for you.

Digital travel marketing campaigns show the world what’s happening outside of their own direct experience, and a solid marketing strategy plan can really put your company and your events on the map. These travel campaigns certainly got us thinking about travel but also inspired us to deliver innovation and excellence in all we do.

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