Embrace the Wonder of Japanese Culture

Many brands across many sectors have enjoyed immense success by migrating to the thriving Japanese market. Those succeeding in Japan all share one common trait: they've completely embraced the wonder of Japanese culture through language, business culture, food, and socializing. JTB Communication Design (JCD) has found that cultural immersion motivates and inspires your workforce. So why not experience Japanese culture by hosting an event or conference in Japan?

Japanese culture event Language
Most brands that migrate their business, or part of it, to the Japanese market find the language barrier challenging. Businesses that operate primarily within the US and Europe are not accustomed to dealing with linguistic differences, as English is generally accepted as the common business language.

To succeed in business, it’s important to communicate effectively. Many new companies in Japan invest in Japanese culture and language training for their employees. This is a valuable way for your employees to absorb the nuances of Japanese culture. Language learning, however, is a long process.

The best way to breach the language barrier quickly and effectively is by hiring bilingual employees and communication partners. JCD acts as a link between your business and your clients, creating a stage with swift bilingual communication before, during, and after your meetings and events. We can support various events for you, like networking events that can help your company connect with new business leads.

Japanese culture event Japanese culture in business
New businesses operating in the Japanese market may also find Japanese culture a little different from what they’re used to. Rather than considering this difference an obstacle, consider it an opportunity to change and grow your brand; many Japanese business practices are highly effective.

The Japanese proverb, “okyakusama wa kamisama desu” expresses that in business, the consumer isn’t king, the consumer is God. Consumers are not considered faceless statistics, but real people who are respected guests both in store and online. Local presence and face-to-face contact are important, as is a long-term commitment to building a strong customer base.

Japanese businesses work to the principle of kaizen(1), continuous improvement achieved through gradual change. This principle is particularly effective in manufacturing industries, as is lean manufacturing. Characterized by just-in-time (JIT) production, lean manufacturing is a set of super-efficient techniques made famous by automotive manufacturing giants, Toyota. Embracing Japanese culture and business principles like these could revolutionize the way you do business.

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Japanese culture event

Japanese Cuisine
The most enjoyable way to embrace Japanese culture is with Japanese food. In big cities like Tokyo, it’s easy to find the foods you’re most familiar with from the US or Europe. However, we recommend immersing yourself completely in dining the Japanese way.

Japanese cuisine all about harmony and must be appealing in taste and appearance. Our traditional cuisine, known as washoku(2), is composed of four parts - rice, soup, pickles, and a meat or fish dish. It’s simple, light, and seasonal; elements that have filtered down into all types of Japanese cuisine.

Sushi is the most common Japanese food seen outside Japan, alongside ramen, tempura (deep-fried meat, fish and vegetables), and gyoza (Japanese dumplings). It’s impossible to list all of the incredible Japanese dishes we want you to try so take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Cuisine.
At JCD, we urge you to be open and adventurous in your dining experiences and if you’re ever unsure what goes into a dish you’ve been presented with, please just ask!
2, “What is Washoku?”

Japanese culture event Socializing in Japanese Culture

Socializing at the end of the workday is very common in Japan. Sharing a few beverages and perhaps a round of karaoke with your colleagues is a great way to unwind after a long day in the office. But in Japanese culture, socializing is also a form of networking. In order to build strong, lasting relationships with colleagues or business partners in Japan, it’s important to spend time with them outside the office.

Socializing can range from formal company dinners to relaxed beers at the local bar. Whatever the situation, the only thing you need to do is engage in friendly conversation and be ready to pick up the tab if you’re the most senior person there. And always wear your best socks; traditional restaurants in Japan ask their patrons to remove shoes before entering!

Then there is of course the option of holding events. An event brings people together, connects them by having face to face interaction and creates bonds that normally wouldn’t have been established. We at JCD can create the perfect environment for your clients to meet each other, socialize and make that extra point of contact that might be needed to seal the deal. From acquiring a beautiful venue to fun activities and entertainment, our staff is there to support your business with being your best meetings & events partner. Contact us today for more information!

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