How Events Are of Importance in the Changing Financial Industry

Technology has been rapidly changing the financial industry over the last few years, and we have seen many innovations in fintech, cryptocurrencies, and robo-advisory services. With all these changes, events in the financial industry are actually more needed than ever. What’s more, at JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) we like to stress the importance of events in this always-evolving industry, as face to face meetings remain the base of a good and strong business relationship.

How the financial industry is changing

Events often reflect technological changes in the industry and the financial industry in particular is seeing a lot of changes. With more data to manage and more ways to purchase goods, the financial industry has to keep up with customer demand. This means providing 24/7 online assistance and introducing new ways for customers to see their financial reports as well as manage their everyday or business finances.

At JCD, we incorporate the ethos of your financial company into our events, making them the ideal place to show off your new fintech innovations. We also like to keep up with the latest innovations in different industries ourselves so we know exactly where you are at.

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Financial industry events

When it comes to holding events in the financial industry, trade shows are a great way to give customers and clients an opportunity to see how you are incorporating new fintech into your business and give them a chance to try out the technology for themselves.

As one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan attracts people interested in technology from all over the world and holding open events here can get them interested in your financial business. We like to combine your ideas and ethos with Japanese style to create events that are unique and attract the right audience for you.
A visit with your team to Japan for an incentive trip to reward your employees for a job well done is also a great way to inspire them for new projects.

JCD has also set up its own financial conference events called G-MAC, short for Global Management and Communications. These international G-MAC conferences and seminars are specifically tailored events for business executives in the Japanese market, incorporating corporate lectures on the latest trends in the financial industry, fintech, and the challenges it faces. These seminars are set up in response to the always-evolving industry.

As an independent organizer with no industry affiliations or ties to special interest organizations, the G-MAC Conference is a neutral and unbiased forum dedicated to addressing the strategic information needs of senior executives. The conference speakers are practitioners from leading companies, academic institutions, and government ministries, always offering the most interesting insights and discussions.

GMAC events also incorporate corporate lectures on the latest trends in the financial industry and the challenges it faces as content and develops these seminars in response to the evolving industry.

Check the G-MAC website now for more information on the next conference held!

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Business meetings with a difference

At JCD, we know that technology is constantly changing the financial industry, and we want to make sure your events are just as advanced as your business is. Therefore we are constantly innovating the way we handle our business meetings as you innovate the way you handle the financial world.

With well-organized events, you can introduce your clients to your newest financial products or share your fintech knowledge at a seminar. Social technology might be great, but face-to-face meetings and actual time spend together make for the best business relationships and often lead to the best deals made. An event offers the perfect opportunities for networking and creates a special atmosphere that can help you with connecting to new clients or existing business partners on a deeper level. Nothing says thank you better than holding a fantastic gala dinner at a unique venue with your most special partners. We know from experience that they will feel treasured and are more likely to conduct business with you than with another company.

That is the power of events. In the financial industry and everywhere else, it brings a solid feeling of trust and a bond. The industry might be constantly changing, the effect of how events can enhance your business doesn’t!

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