Transformative Technology: Facial Recognition, Virtual Reality, and the Rise of Personalization

After part 1 and part 2 of this Bulletin series on making your events more exciting, let's have a look at transformative technology and events.

Today, hosting a business event is unimaginable without the support of ever-evolving technology. Event organizers and hosts use this transformative technology in the process of planning and arranging events in their respective niches. Transformative technology merges essential event activities, such as marketing and registration. In recent years, technology has been used to engage participants during events and facilitate interactions between attendees. Let’s check out some of the transformative technology trends that can take your event to a whole new level.

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Cvent’s App Technology
Nowadays it is becoming more and more common practice to include an app at your event. Our technology partner Cvent offers the CrowdCompass app that can, next to keeping your attendees informed with push notifications, also offers attendee engagement in real-time, like live polling features, interactive maps, and social media features where attendees can share pictures and contact one another directly on site.

Event apps are starting to push boundaries and with the rise of AI, and more and more automated features are expected to be included in apps in the near future, giving us the best service imaginable without any delays or complications.

Advanced event marketing with transformative technology
Creating tailored experiences that meet individual goals in large groups is an everyday challenge for any event organizer. Luckily, transformative technology has the answer: Advanced segmentation that translates into detail-based tactics of personalization and more efficient event marketing.

Categorizing your site, creating custom landing pages for an event, and communicating are extremely important for personalization. However, AI isn’t the only area to be affected by transformative technology. Let’s see where facial recognition steps into the picture.

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Implementing facial recognition at events
Whether you’re implementing it as part of a standalone application or through the existing base, face recognition affects the organization of attendees at several levels. For instance, it’s beneficial for advanced security reasons. Also, it comes in handy when checking in and registering for the event.

Facial recognition as a part of transformative technology is at the core of many critical issues in modern event management. It should, therefore, be among the first points on the list of every event organizer.

Events and virtual reality (VR)
Online event marketing has emphasized the need for visible return on investment (ROI). After being merely a buzz, virtual reality (VR) is slowly becoming a hit, offering creative sponsorship opportunities. Moreover, not only can you attract sponsors, but make every other attendee participate in a presentation actively. For example, you can simulate a tour of your company or a manufacturing process.

Another benefit of VR is that you can effectively measure the impact it had on guests. You can then present the data you collect to the sponsors to prove your return on investment.

event technology vr virtual reality
Transformative technology and personalization
Each of these modes of transformative technology personalizes the attendee experience to an extent. At the moment, a focus on personalizing the experience of each participant is a hot current trend in the event industry.

But it’s much more than just using the participant's name in conference communication. Personalization through transformative technology should be represented in all segments of your event in order to be effective. But it will be the most obvious in two segments: communication and personalized offers.

Transformative technology brings a breath of fresh air into the old-school event types. You can use AI, facial recognition, or VR at any of your future conferences. Make your next event a special one by implementing one of the technological improvements and amaze your guests.

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