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An event is never an easy undertaking; it requires a lot of time, costs and human resource. Since it is such a precious and costly commodity, anyone who braves on the quest of getting an event managed has one fundamental wish: for it to go well. You want it to inspire and delight your attendees, enhance your business, and strengthen relations with existing and new clients.
Next to all this you have decided to take on an extra challenge: you want to hold your event in Japan. Feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry, our staff at JTB Communication Design (JCD) is happy to lend a helping hand.

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Ready to support your event
Japan is the perfect location for your event: exotic, beautiful and culturally immersive. But where do you start? You have all these ideas of what to do for the venue, what to implement to make it more exciting and to bring it to life with Japanese culture but taking the first step seems daunting. Or maybe you are on the complete opposite side: you have no ideas at all and feel lost at just starting to research. Or perhaps you are struggling with trying to get through reading all those Japanese legal documents which the venue provided you, or you have difficulty cooperating with a Japanese technical crew.

Regardless of where you stand: here is where we come in. Our team of meeting and events professionals at JCD are delighted to support you in any way we can to make your event in Japan an overwhelming success. With over 225 meetings and events specialists in our ever-growing team, we have risen to one of the largest Meetings & Events companies in Asia. With over 30 years in the business, JCD has taken on a large variety of projects that gave us the experience to deal with meetings and events, international conferences, governmental projects, seminars, and exhibitions of any scale. Our event specialists have sufficient knowledge, can speak English and have a global mentality.

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We have what you need
You already have ideas and know what you want? Perfect. We will look at the options, possibilities and help you implement your wishes to strengthen your brand image and leaving your attendees impressed with your company.

We work on many different levels. Maybe you only seek professional support with the onsite operation or lightning and equipment? Or maybe you have all your backdrop designs ready to go and just need someone to locally support you with the set up at the venue.

Even if you haven’t got a clue of what is possible or what you exactly want, we can jump on a call and offer you our professional opinion and ideas. All you have to do is tell us the scope of your event and how many attendees you are expecting. Leave the rest to our professionals: our staff knows how to implement the successful factors while respecting and centering your brand at the event’s core.

Communication and the power of Omotenashi
As events are essentially about communication and people meeting, we value the power of the face to face interactions and creating a stunning stage for your attendees to do business and expand their network. In our many years of experience we noticed how the location and place of action can affect the way people communicate with each other, and that better communication takes places at an event where the attendees are impressed, have fun and feel welcome.

When it comes to feeling welcome, our staff is passionate about delivering the power of Japanese hospitality, also known as Omotenashi, to clients and their attendees. Good service is expected in Japan and we feel it only natural to offer you and your attendees the best hospitality possible. To read more about the cultural phenomenon of Omotenashi, click here.

The location for your next event: Japan
Japan has so much to offer for the meetings and events industry with its beautiful surroundings, culture and breathtaking venues located all over the country. Situated in Tokyo, our staff can support your event anywhere in Japan, from the northern islands of Hokkaido to the southern tip of Okinawa. Are you not yet convinced as to why Japan is the perfect location for your next event? Be sure to read our Whitepaper on why Japan is the place to hold your next event: click here.

For any inquiries, feel free to contact us to get started on your most successful event yet.
We are looking forward to showing you what great event management is all about.

Looking for event specialists? For more information or any questions, feel free to contact us!

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