The Benefits of Japanese Business Culture

Doing business in Japan can be a very different experience if it’s something new and unfamiliar to you, but there are several aspects of its culture that have helped make Japan so successful in the business world. JTB Communication Design (JCD) is itself a Japanese company, and as such, we have the unique position of knowing and understanding Japanese business culture and helping clients in creating a stage for expanding their business. Let’s take a look at some tips our clients have gleaned from Japan on how to succeed in business and how JCD can support you and your newly found Japanese partners in making an everlasting connection through the power events.

Importance of harmony
It is said that preserving harmony throughout negotiations is of the utmost importance within Japanese business culture. Meetings and events are a chance for companies and employees to come together, which is a great way to boost employee motivation and strengthen your company. Generally seen as a society that is built on peace and harmony, it is a perfect tone to incorporate in your meetings and events to create the ideal atmosphere for reaching agreements with your team or clients, or simply building strong working relationships.

Another benefit of Japanese business culture is the sense of loyalty and respect(1) that companies have for their long-term clients and stakeholders, which ensures prosperous business relationships. Companies have experienced that once you start your business journey here, you’re sure to have the support of Japanese business partners for life as long as you respect the importance of harmony. The Japanese also go to many lengths to be polite which makes them a pleasure to work with. This extends to how we work with our clients as we always hold the utmost respect for anyone we work with.

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Strong work ethic
In many countries, it might be acceptable to do the bare minimum at work, but in Japanese business culture, it’s quite the opposite. It’s not uncommon to find employees working long shifts or after hours, motivated to work their way up in their company. Having reliable employees(2) is seen as a huge benefit of Japanese business culture and inspires employee motivation in your own workforce.

The value placed on hard work is heightened by the sense of collective responsibility inspired by solidarity and agreement. As each member of the team feels like a valued component, the feeling of responsibility towards the company and individual impact on the future of the business is much more prominent. With a dedicated workforce of our own, we can definitely attest to the business-boosting benefits of this cultural norm, as our staff are always on hand to help you wherever you host an event, meeting or seminar to boost your business venture in Japan.

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Traditional practices
One thing that has ensured Japanese companies succeed on a global scale is generally said to be the dedication to tradition(3) and traditional practices in business. The culture of Japan plays such a strong role in business because the traditions of the country are placed in such high regard.

Aspects of tradition include the appreciation that some events cannot be controlled. According to traditional zen practices(4), acceptance of the inevitable is key to inner harmony. For this reason, it is said to be adapted to situations in business that others might struggle with. Being aware that nothing is permanent makes someone more adaptable to change, an important trait in the business world. According to zen practices, ‘the most wonderful mind is like water.’ This concept is said to lead Japanese industries to discover new innovations in their respective fields.

Although Western cultures might have different approaches when something doesn’t go as planned, the acceptance of facts and the flexibility to adapt to changes in the industry is thought to be important in Japanese business culture. This increases efficiency, simplifies decision-making processes, and is a vital tool for learning how to succeed in business.

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Where JCD comes in
When you have just started your business venture in Japan and are looking for ways to promote your product and company, setting up an event or seminar might cross your mind. With our experience in promotional events, we know what works in Japan and how to create a setting that attracts Japanese clients towards your company and products. Our professionals will implement your brand according to your company regulations and add a special touch that will get the attention of Japanese investors and potential partners.

After you have succeeded in finding and creating new business partners in Japan, key to maintaining those relationships is successful communication and a strong bond. We at JCD value these bonds and know how to enhance and strengthen them through organizing successful events.

As said earlier in this article, we are a Japanese company and know the culture, the people and the language. We know what works for your Japanese business partners and what they like when it comes to parties and get-togethers.

Say you want to celebrate your partnership and want to impress your new Japanese business partners. You want to make them feel that they have chosen the right partner and success is up ahead. We at JCD can create a platform for your celebration to further enhance your partnership. With our knowledge of the Japanese psyche and Japanese companies’ preferences, we can create an environment and program that will guarantee success and make your new partners feel delighted and welcome.

Onsite Communication
Although the language barrier may seem like a deterrent from doing an event in Japan, communication is an issue made significantly easier with us supporting your project. With our staff`s knowledge of event management, you needn’t worry about the big day. We can be the link between you and onsite Japanese venue staff and technicians, making sure that everything goes smoothly. We will make your event leave the impression you are longing for with your Japanese partner.

Business is only as successful as the communication between the two parties is, and we are happy to support you in creating a breathtaking stage for you and your clients to connect and deepen the relationship. Be sure to contact us today and let’s get started on your most successful event yet!

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