AI & ChatGPT Applications in the Event Industry

In recent months AI and especially the powerful and quite accessible ChatGPT have taken the world by storm. What seemed like a distant concept and future technology for most regular people for a long time, is now suddenly everywhere. People all over the world and in all industries are figuring out myriad ways to implement the ever-advancing AI technology in big and small ways. It is an extremely broad topic, and while there are many legal and ethical issues that need to be figured out as we go along, it is an exciting time. As for the event industry, AI and ChatGPT are already being implemented in many ways as well. Here at JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) we keep a finger on the pulse of new developments, so for now let’s have a look at some innovative ways AI and ChatGPT are being implemented in the event industry.

AI and ChatGPT in Creating Content, Text and Translations
First of all, there is the creation of content. If you don’t want to dive in too deep just yet, ChatGPT and other AI can be used simply as a brainstorming tool. When you’re in the concept stage of your event, you can prompt ChatGPT to give you some ideas for theming, potential presentation topics, as well as suggestions for naming and branding your event. If you want to take it a step further, however, you can also have it generate complete e-mails, blog posts, and scripts. Many online translation tools now also implement deep learning AI rather than just being dictionaries.

AI & ChatGPT Applications in the Event Industry
Of course, this is where the difficult part comes in. There are various reasons why it may not be smart to rely completely on AI generated content. Especially at this stage, AI and ChatGPT generated content can often still be picked out. Much of the content it generates can still come across as robotic or generic, lacking that human touch. That said, this is bound to change in the future, and it will become increasingly more difficult to distinguish what content was AI generated and what was not. As with many things, for the time being a balanced approach may be wise: utilizing AI generated content for inspiration and reference, but still craft and edit the final product yourself. This perhaps goes double for relying on automated translation too much, where sometimes AI can still interpret things very wrong and its output should always be double checked.

Providing Personalized Event Experiences
As mentioned above, AI and ChatGPT can aid in generating concept and content of your event, but what’s even more exciting in the event industry specifically are applications to improve the quality of the actual event experience itself. Existing business matching systems can be taken to the next level with the help of AI to take even more factors into account and set up the best matches. With larger comprehensive events that include many simultaneous presentations and sessions, AI systems can help each individual user set up their perfect personalized agenda. When set up properly in the future, both business meetings and sessions can all be taken into account to craft a fully optimized event experience. If this is tied in for example with a chatbot in an event app, your attendees can feel like they have a dynamic personal assistant in their pocket at all times.

AI & ChatGPT Applications in the Event Industry
Also, speaking of chatbots, these already have been in use for a long time on websites et cetera of course. But with large language models growing even more advanced, the amount of customer support that can be effectively handled by AI will also continue to grow in leaps and bounds from here onwards. As mentioned before though, that does lead to having to make a choice between a warm kind human touch, or the most efficient and possibly cost-effective set-up with AI.

AI and ChatGPT in Generating Art and Design
Various AI models are capable of generating art based on prompts. From visual design on your website, to logos, to real life banners et cetera. But as most of us are aware, they source existing artwork to create new work. This makes it a touchy subject. Without diving too deep into the debate, even more so than textual content, this is a contested legal gray zone. Quality of the output aside, if you have the rights to do so, you could technically make use of AI generated artwork based on any prompt. But if it ends up drawing too clearly from something that is already copyrighted, this becomes an issue. Then there’s the ethical side as well, where this entire development is hurting human artists trying to make a living. This actually can go for video and music now as well. There are fascinating uses of AI in creative fields, but before implementing them into your business in some way, make sure you understand all the implications.

AI & ChatGPT Applications in the Event Industry
AI and ChatGPT in Business
These are just some of the countless ways AI and GPT are being implemented. The field is highly dynamic and in business in general there are also systems being developed for data analysis, optimizing ROI and much more. Whether or not you want to implement it yourself at this stage, it is wise to keep an eye on the developments, as they are proceeding at a blistering speed.

Hopefully AI implementations will enrich event experiences and make everyone’s lives better in some way. No matter what, though, when it comes to the actual real-life events that we specialize in, those will still be both attended and staffed by humans of course. And if you are interested in organizing a human-filled event in Japan, feel free to contact us here!

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