How to Expand Your Business Internationally, and in Japan

As an event company, we found that at JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD), international expansion was the natural course. Now managing events in both Japan and the rest of the world, globalization has allowed us to reach a wider audience and increase our client base. Our overseas operations have both enriched our own business and allowed us to promote the culture of Japan internationally, which is one of our main objectives. Expanding to an international business has many benefits that we have discovered, so let’s go through some helpful pointers so that your company can reap them too.

Consider language barriers

Before you start thinking about expansion, you need to think about and plan for any obstacles that you might face in the global market that you don’t face currently. One of the primary and larger barriers you’ll face as an international business is language. Language is the primary means of communication, and it goes without saying that working with other countries will involve working with speakers of other languages. When it comes to doing business through an event in Japan, our JCD staff specialize in communication and strive to be the link between you and the Japanese market.

The best move you can make is to hire bilingual staff who can aid communication between you and your clients. Alternatively, you can hire skilled translators to bridge the gap between you and your clients, although this may slow down negotiation processes and important information might get lost in translation. Having staff who can communicate directly with your audience significantly enhances communication.In Japan, respectful nuances in business language can sometimes make or break a deal, which is also something we can aid you with.

Consider cultural differences

The language is not the only barrier you should be thinking about, as cultural differences play a large part in communication and international marketing. We’ve discovered that there are several aspects of business in Japan that differ greatly from other countries. For example, in Japanese culture, a modest and quiet attitude is more likely to win clients than being overconfident and verbose, traits highly valued in Western culture.

Our staff are highly trained and qualified to work with these obstacles in mind, navigating any issues that might occur due to cultural differences and making sure you are prepared for anything unexpected by guiding you through the intricacies of business etiquette in Japan. For your own international business expansion, think about hiring some local staff or advisors with knowledge of the culture and country to guide you through important distinctions.

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International marketing strategy

An international marketing strategy is key to success for any business looking to expand globally. At JCD, one of our focus is promoting Japanese culture, which can be a challenge. Nevertheless, it is a key part of our business, and we helped organize the Japan Festival at the International Horticultural Expo in Turkey to promote Japanese culture on an international stage. When promoting your company or products, doing so by another culture can be beneficial for an international business if you market yourself effectively. Show your audience that you are genuine and offer them something they might not have encountered before in their own country.

Think about how you can market your unique qualities in a way that is appealing to your target audience. What is unique, different, or new about your service? Are there any gaps in the market that work to your benefit? Use cultural differences to your advantage, offering something that is new and different in the global marketplace.

Event marketing is a huge player in the globalization of businesses. Brands and companies often market themselves by hosting large, highly-advertised events all over the world. For example, Australian company Red Bull hosts extreme sports events and giveaways, everywhere from the United Kingdom to Jordan, to promote their products internationally. Many successful companies follow this trend as an international marketing strategy, to promote their business, services, and products, and we can help you do the same in Japan.

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Strategy and international business plan

For sustainable success in any industry, you need to develop an international business plan. At JCD, we use our experience in designing local, regional, and global programs to drive the success of our clients in their strategic meetings management. This service includes policy development and customized negotiation strategies which can help your international business thrive. Meetings are a large part of any company and when thinking about global expansion, you’ll need to set aside some time to organize your international business plan with your own team and negotiate with future clients. This is where SMM can be a real help.

When developing your own strategy for international business, remember to keep your overall objectives in mind while adapting your original business plan to the market conditions. Your plan should involve budgets and long and short term strategies with reasonable goals. As part of our strategic meetings management services, we help tailor strategies to your company’s goals and objectives helping your transition to a global entity run as smoothly as possible.

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Creating an international business might seem like a tough mountain to climb, especially in Japan, but we have experience in every part of the expansion process and are here to help you every step of the way. With the help of international events and strategic business plans, we can ensure that you market your business correctly for global success.

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