Video: Meet Our Team Members!

The JTB Communication Design (JCD) team is growing! Our newest team members are working hard to make your events come to life. As you can see in this video interview, we asked Myu Morihara from the Convention Produce Department and Yuki Yamashita from Corporate Event Management to tell us about their work and what they think of working at JCD so far! See the video interview here:

They are looking forward to working with you on your next event! Let`s make it an unforgettable experience!

For more on JCD, be sure to keep on eye on our Bulletin Page. It is updated weekly with acticles on everything events, JCD, Japan and Japanese culture!

For more on previous events managed by us, do have a look at Our Work page, were some examples are posted on events, conferences, award ceremonies and trade shows. JCD can support your with our one-stop event management service, where we can take care of everything from pre-event to post-event. Our team members have years of experience in the field and know how to make your event one that will be remembered by your attendees.

For any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us:



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