JTB Meetings & Events: Staff Spotlight 2

Welcome back to our Staff Spotlight series! Here we will introduce people from our JTB Communication Design (JCD) staff.

Today we will introduce three members of our JCD team!
Meet our professionals from the convention department : Noriko Shiotani, Hidekazu Matsumura and Maho Sumita.
Spotlight, on!

Noriko Shiotani

Current Position / Project
"I am currently part of the team that manages the International Horticultural Exposition that is to be held in Beijing,
China from April 2019. We plan and operate the Japanese government building."

Past Experience
・Various international exposition projects (Aichi Expo, Floriade in Venlo,The Netherlands (2012),
International Horticultural Exposition in Antalya, Turkey (2016), and others)
・Overseas promotion of Japanese cuisine (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Project)
・Sports Tournament Transportation for people with a disability (1997 - 2013)

What do you consider the most interesting and important thing in your job?
"By experiencing business in various fields, not just the focusing on discoveries and new ideas,
but also figuring out what is needed to realize these ideas is what I like to do.
I am happy that I can discover new solutions to various challenges."

What do you think is JCD`s strength?
"By having dealt with a wide range of projects in many countries we are able to respond in a flexible matter.
I'm confident about finding the best solutions for your projects!"

Any words to our future clients?
"I would love to come visit your country where I can meet many new people and make many new discoveries!"

Hidekazu Matsumura staff interview
Current Position / Project
"I manage international governmental meetings but also manage and produce sport event projects."

Past Experience
・Managing various international governmental conferences
・Managing the High Performance Support Center for various sport events
・Managing the Japan Pavilion at various sport events

What do you consider the most interesting and important thing in your job?
"Turning the client`s wish into reality."

What do you think is JCD`s strength?
"Speaking just for myself, I have over 20 years of experience with a large variety of clients in various countries and regions for all kinds of events."

Any words to our future clients?
"In order for your project to succeed, we will gather an experienced team of specialists."

Maho Sumita
staff interview picture[ Check out my Our Staff page → Click here! ]

Current Position / Project
"I take care of the management for government-sponsored events, or overseas sponsored international conferences."

Past Experience
・Exhibition Management team (9 years).
"Here I managed exhibitions overall and helped constructing the business matching system utilized at exhibitions."

・MICE Sales at JTB Australia Pty Ltd. (1 year).

・"Furthermore I also dealt with international conference precedent sales, managing events that were sponsored by tourism agents. Here I was also part of overseas sponsored conference operations (2 years)."

What do you consider the most interesting and important thing in your job?
"What makes this occupation worthwhile is that new ideas or business comes from meeting each other.
Because we live in a time where we can connect without actually meeting directly, we always value meeting people face to face. For that purpose, we are always aware of clients` goals, which gives meaning to our work."

What do you think is JCD`s strength?
"At JCD, every staff member is an experienced specialist from dealing with a variety of events.
Because every country has its own culture and customs, our staff is open-minded and we get motivated from creating an event that is fun and interesting to everyone."

Any words to our future clients?
"We create the most valuable interaction for your innovation."

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