JTB Meetings & Events: Staff Spotlight 1

Welcome to our Staff Spotlight series! Here we will introduce people from our staff working
at JTB Communication Design (JCD).

Today we will introduce three members of our JCD team!
Meet our professionals from our Motivation Event department:
Kumiko Shioya, Motoki Kawano and Naoshi Kunihara. Spotlight, on!

Kumiko Shioya

Current Position / Projects
"My speciality is organizing events to motivate employees, a niche genre in the large MICE industry. I also work on lots of award ceremonies, kick-off meetings, and recently also on anniversary events."

Past Experience
"As might be expected with motivation events, we are active both inside and outside of Japan. We are also managing team building activities that include customized sightseeing tours, original outdoor events, as well as at regular banquet hall events."

What do you consider the most interesting and important thing in your job?
"An interesting thing is that company culture has a great influence on the events and participant satisfaction. I think that it is essential to only start production on an event after understanding the client`s mission and goal and also the tone that is desired."

What do you think is JCD`s strength?
"First of all, with our knowledge of Japan we want to as much as possible create an original and customized plan for the client. Because JCD coexists with various professionals, it is possible to think from various angles. I like to see myself as a hub where all these ideas are collected to create something."

Any words to our future clients?
" It is our promise that by your efforts of willing to organize your event in Japan, the outcome will be very exciting and effective. Consult with us about the image you have in mind and what you would like to achieve. As motivation event professionals we will answer your request with an accurate plan that meets your wishes."

Motoki Kawano staff jcd event japan[ Check out my Our Staff page → Click here! ]

Current Position / Projects
"In order for companies and organizations to achieve sustainable development, my department aims at increasing employees` motivation by producing motivation events and communication."

Past Experience
"I deal with events for various industries like human resources and automobile-related, to name a few. This also includes international events. My specialty is large events with thousands of attendees."

What do you consider the most interesting and important thing in your job?
"Whether an attendee is moved or not is the most important."

What do you think is JCD`s strength?
"We strive to bring the Japanese spirit, more of the JCD spirit, to your events!"

Any words to our future clients?
"By combining your company with the Japanese culture I hope to create a live communication space where the participants are moved more than ever before."

Naoshi Kunihara
japanese staff jcd events[ Check out my Our Staff page → Click here! ]

Current Position / Projects
"The planning, operation and management of corporate motivation events. Such as anniversary events, award ceremonies, sports festivals and kick-off meetings."

Past Experience
I have worked on many projects in and outside Japan within different industries.

Industries                         Event type                                                  Countries                     
Financial                            Anniversary       Japan   
Media       Company conferment ceremony       Australia   
Housing       Award ceremony       Thailand   
Clothing       Cruise charter event       The United States   
Cosmetics       Sports festival / athletic meeting      
Food service   

What do you consider the most interesting and important thing in your job?
"There is a lot of variety in what I do and with the work there is always a goal in sight. Next to this, when working on a project the distance between us and the top management of a large company becomes smaller. Furthermore, it is flattering when clients want to work with you again on another project. Also, I can propose what I want to do and I love the work that I do."

What do you think is JCD`s strength?
"JCD offers top level Japanese hospitality."

Any words to our future clients?
"I want to realize new and state of the art events that combine foreign and Japanese feel and ideas."

Our employees are looking forward to working with you to create the most unique event experience possible!

For any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us here.


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