Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. “All Employee Kick Off Meeting”

The "All Employee Kick Off Meeting", where all employees from Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd (HPE) gather, is a great opportunity for the managers and employees from all over the country to meet face to face. By providing its technologies and solutions, HPE has shortened the time for customers to create value from ideas, and has supported the changes the take place in companies, the market and in people’s lives. JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) has been supporting their “All Employee Kick Off Meeting” since 2012.

We have supported a wide range of tasks related to event planning and management with our one-stop event planning service. This contains proposal of contents, like a program structure which accurately conveys the client’s requests; providing a communication program that concerns both management and employees; venue sourcing and adjustment; video production; various equipment and constructions; on-site venue management, and more.

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【Comments from our JCD event sales representative】
"We conduct a survey with the attendees every year after the “All Employee Kick Off Meeting” in Japan has taken place, and the score is rising every year in terms of “feeling empathy from the strong message from the president and the management team”, and also in “understanding the vision and direction of the company”. By achieving these great results based on the purpose of this kick-off event, such as conveying the vision and strategy of HPE to all of its employees, and also to foster a sense of unity, not only the attendees were very pleased, but also the organizers in charge."

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Next to this yearly event, we have also supported HPE upon their CEO 's arrival in Japan and the reception for the establishment of a new HPE company. By representing several events sponsored by HPE, we have deepened our understanding of their vision and ideology, and accumulate this know-how while supporting them.

We believe that employee meetings like this one are an important communication opportunity to share management`s vision and policies, and to connect management with its employees directly.

After this 2018 edition of the event, we aim to increase the value of 'All Employee Kick Off Meeting', making it an even more valuable opportunity for all employees in Japan to gather and strive to meet their expectations within the HPE perspective.

meetings and events japan Our JCD Staff that managed the Japan HPE “All Employee Kick Off Meeting”

For the best Kick Off Meetings in Japan, you need the best event planning. Our team here at JCD can support you with all your requests and wishes in making the most unforgettable experience for you and your employees.

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