Food Trading Company: “70th Anniversary Project”

When proposing a plan for the “70th Anniversary Project” of a food trading company, we at JTB Communication Design (JCD) began with grasping an understanding of the vision of each employee who acts as an important resource in the company`s management.
Rather than just letting it end up as a kind of standard memorial party, we proposed a plan aiming at improving a sense of unity and fostering the energy of innovation by sharing the company’s vision and providing a place for employee interaction across the company`s many divisions.

With this project, we at JCD managed not only the event`s operation & planning, but also managed the venue sourcing and travel arrangements for all employees, providing solutions with our group company, the JTB Corp. Shizuoka branch office.

The venue on the first day of the event was the TSUMAGOI Resort in Shizuoka.
On this first day we organized activities with competitions, mixing the various division teams, such as point rallies, quizzes about the company’s history, and also established a system where all employees could participate in an interactive matter.
On the second day we aimed for further employee interaction and sense of unity, and included showing some snapshots taken during the previous day of the event on a big screen.

We believe that an anniversary is a very important diverging point for many companies.
We also believe that it is the best timing for a company to innovate and to start something new for the future.
We at JCD will keep proposing events that will bring the "Wow" factor and supports the client`s future progress.


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