Japanese Branch Launch Event: Skuld Japan Opening Party

Japanese Branch Launch Event: Skuld Japan Opening Party

Company: Assuranceforeningen SKULD (Gjensidig)
Event type: Launch Event
Attendees: 330 in-person attendees
Location: Tokyo International Forum Hall B7

Event Program

- Stage program
(including musical performances by the organizer and performances by musical artists)
- Food and beverage service in the form of a formal dinner party

Objectives of the Event

- Expand recognition of the company’s Japan branch
- Strengthen and expand relationships with existing and new vital customers

Japanese Branch Launch Event: Skuld Japan Opening Party

Event Solutions and Production

This event was held to celebrate Skuld’s opening of their Japanese office. Our event production team supported the overall event production. This included food & beverage arrangements, overall operational progression and flow, general direction and technical aspects of the stage, entertainment casting, as well as the arrangements for the after-party. Taking into account the organizer’s needs, priorities, and the overall program, we chose to focus the production budget more on the lighting and sound over construction and physical art and décor.

As for the stage program, we created a detailed structure in line with the organizer's objectives. The main goal was to provide a performance with a strong entertainment element that would stir the emotions of the participants, while at the same time emphasizing customer-driven interaction to promote open communication within the venue.

Japanese Branch Launch Event: Skuld Japan Opening Party

The result was a well-balanced and very engaging event. At the ending of the event, almost all the seated participants stood up from their seats. It was amazing to see the participants, organizer, and performers all getting excited as one. This seemed to symbolize the essence of the organizer's strong brand and an already solid relationship with the participants.

Japanese Branch Launch Event: Skuld Japan Opening Party

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