Event Industry in Japan: Looking Back at 2022

We at JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) started 2022 off the same way we started 2021: hopeful. But while 2021 was still fully in the grasp of the pandemic, at least here in Japan, in 2022 things finally changed for the better. We were finally able to start re-connecting. Although sadly new heights of infection rates were reached during the winter’s 6th wave and summer’s 7th wave, their concrete impact on society lessened over time, and nationwide restrictions were released. On top of that, as we had all been eagerly anticipating, border regulations relaxed over the second half of the year. Since October you can visit Japan for business and pleasure again without too much trouble. So now that we can fully get back to business again, here’s a quick update on how the event industry in Japan changed in 2022.

japan business event 2022 2023

Online & Hybrid Event Business

As we all know, in the first two years of the pandemic the event industry was thrown for a loop. We all scrambled to figure out how to switch to online and hybrid events. Existing companies pivoted and expanded their business strategies while countless new businesses sprung up. While the growth of alternatives, and many innovative ideas and products were welcomed, but it perhaps became a bit chaotic too quickly. Eventually the market became over-saturated with online platforms and other tools. Consequently, in a short period there were companies that fell as fast as they rose. But in 2022 things seem to have stabilized again. Online and hybrid event models and products have been fine-tuned, and we are all much more accustomed to them. At the same time, because of the return to in-person events, the demand has stabilized for the time being. Innovation and growth will continue, but at a more manageable pace.

In-Person Events Recovering Further

As we mentioned above, after a pivot to online, we came back to in-person events. Initially with restrictions, but in 2022 in many places across the globe restrictions already became minimized. Compared to the West, some countries including Japan were slower to do this, and at the time of writing, masks are still often worn. But at least events are held again, many annual events coming back after a two- or three-year hiatus. Venue capacity and attendance numbers are recovering as well. People are re-connecting, and it is great to see.

japan business event 2022 2023

Return of International Business in Japan

While business as a whole never stopped, international event business was sadly put on the backburner for a while. Although business travel was possible, it was hampered by arduous visa processes and entrance requirements. International events did not feel very international when there were barely any international attendees in person. But in the second half of 2022 we finally got back to business.

2022 for JTB Communication Design

As for us, it was of course a much stronger year than 2020 and 2021. The numbers of events we’ve taken on have shot back up, and we are growing once again. Moreover, we also happily welcomed international attendees at conferences and tradeshows once again. At our BioJapan 2022 show, for example, foreign exhibitors were back from all around the globe. We witnessed many happy reunions and fruitful business meetings as a consequence. We are looking forward to much more of this going forward, and we have recently seen a large increase in inquiries for global events. Many venues are getting booked far in advance, so if you are considering bringing your business and business events to Japan, the sooner you contact us, the better. For inspiration, also have a look at our Ideas for Your Business Events in Japan in 2023 article!

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