The 39th Annual IGARSS Symposium

The 39th Annual IGARSS Symposium

Event kind: International Symposium
Attendees: 2738 attendees from 56 countries
Where: Convention Center Pacifico Yokohama, Japan
When: 28 July – 2 August 2019

JTB Communication Design (JCD) brought in its expertise to organize the 39th Annual IGARSS Symposium. IGARSS, which stands for International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, is seen as a premier event in remote sensing within its international community and was held in Yokohama, Japan, for its 2019 edition.

The 39th Annual IGARSS Symposium

JCD took on organizing this year’s edition, taking place at the Convention Center Pacifico Yokohama. The 6-day symposium required a large number of services as JCD oversaw the complete event, working closely together with the IGARRS community on making this symposium its most successful yet.

Organizing a Successful Symposium
At a symposium like IGARSS, a lot comes into play: from the registration process to the over 200 planned sessions, workshops, seminars and demonstrations ranging in a large variety of topics like various remote sensing techniques, ocean and atmosphere detection methods and space and satellite technology.

Complete Onsite Management
JCD’s professionals can take care of the onsite management and stage flow of your event. To make sure your onstage program progresses without any issues, you can rest at ease and leave it to us to schedule, calculate and make sure that everything happening in and around the stage goes as planned.

At this year’s IGARRS symposium, JCD’s team in charge worked on the complex scheduling details, prepared the session rooms, dinners and network occasions, but also worked out an area where companies could have their booth, and a poster presentation area.

The 39th Annual IGARSS Symposium

What made this IGARRS symposium extra special was the presence of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress as honored guests during the opening ceremony.

With every international conference, good security dealings and regulations are expected to be in place. Managing countless large conferences in the past, the JCD team knows how to implement the right amount of security for your conference. At IGARSS, security had to be of the utmost level as the Emperor and Empress attended. JCD has handled many international gatherings in the past which had many government officials and celebrities attending, making us a trustworthy and experienced organizer.

The 39th Annual IGARSS Symposium

A grand opening
For this 39th edition, next to the opening speech of The Emperor, a grand warm welcoming was scheduled for the attendees on opening day, and JCD managed a welcoming reception where attendees could get to know each other, share a drink and have a delicious banquette style dinner.
For your conference, we can implement a banquette style or multiple course dinner depending on your wishes. We can provide the best of Japanese cuisine, but also other world-wide cuisines, and can provide vegetarian, halal or other foods as well.

A festive closing
The closing of 6 days full of learning, sharing, and many new ideas, was commemorated with first an award ceremony banquette and finally a closing ceremony a day later.
First, the attendees could enjoy the award ceremony while eating a delicious dinner. An energetic taiko drum show was also included in the program, showcasing the best of Japanese entertainment.
One of our specialties as an event professional is arranging award gala dinners. Having arranged many hundreds over the years, we know what makes your attendees excited and how to bring in that extra touch of originality. We can take care of all the dealings with our one-stop service, which includes bringing in the best of entertainment.

The closing ceremony looked back on the week with a photo contest, drinks and snacks, and an exciting fireworks spectacle in the Yokohama bay, seen from the lobby of the venue.

The 39th Annual IGARSS Symposium

Our JTB Communication Design team can make your conference in Japan a reality. With our vast experience and skill set, we can support your congress from the pre-planning all the way through to the after-event dealings. It is our goal to help you inspire, delight and excite your attendees with the very best conference experience!

Feel free to contact us for more information or with any questions you might have.

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