IBTM World 2022: Thank You!

From November 29 - December 1, our JTB Meetings & Events by JTB Communication Design (JCD) team members were in Barcelona, Spain for IBTM World. We had a great show and were able to meet many new clients and business partners face to face and talk with them about the possibilities that Japan presents when hosting your events, meetings or conferences there. Thank you all for coming to our booth, it was great meeting you!

This was our first time exhibiting since 2019 and it was good to be back. In the past years many things have changed, and the industry has evolved. In a sense, by having been inaccessible for two and a half years, Japan’s position as an attractive and exclusive destination has only grown. Talking to many people at the expo it became clear that there is a lot of interest in Japan, and we are happy to assist in bridging the gap between your company and your (future) Japanese clients and partners.

Missed us at IBTM World? Not to worry, you can contact us here and start setting things in motion for your next event in Japan. Also, be sure to register for our Newsletter here if you haven’t already, to receive regular updates on the event industry and Japanese culture!

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