Esports in Japan: Let The Games Begin!

The esports industry has been growing year after year all around the globe, and being a major force in the gaming business. Japan is no different. Esports has undoubtedly been booming in Japan and events are held not just in Tokyo, but all over the country. Japan is known for their gaming industry that has gained recognition worldwide, and this makes Japan the perfect location for your next esports tournament or gaming event.

At JTB Communication Design (JCD), we manage a portal site called the esports port. The website holds information about the opening of esports tournaments held throughout Japan and furthermore serves as an entry platform for participants. So far, more than 1500 people have participated in various esports events managed by our portal. From small tournaments to large events, from Western games to games originating in Japan, as you can see on the esports port, we cover a wide array.

When it comes to the planning of hosting an esports event or getting permission to use game titles from publishing companies that plan and sell games in Japan, JCD can support you! Also we can of course take care of all the logistics: finding a venue, arranging advanced notification for attendance, tournament management, entry and conference reports, and more. JTB Communication Design can support you with our one-stop service to create the most exciting and memorable gaming event for your attendees.

Let us be your partner in the exciting world of esports, the next level in the entertainment business!

esports team jcd
Our esports portal team members

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